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    Volume 72, Issue 03

    55 Leading Up: Moving Pharmacy Toward the 2015 Vision
    Michael Manolakis, PharmD, PhD
    56 Leadership and Learning
    Gayle A. Brazeau, PhD
    57 An Unfortunate and Avoidable Component of American Pharmacy: Tobacco
    Jack E. Fincham, PhD
    61 Principles of Economics Crucial to Pharmacy Students’ Understanding of the Prescription Drug Market
    Gail B. Rattinger, PhD, PharmD, Rahul Jain, PhD, Jing Ju, PharmD, PhD, and C. Daniel Mullins, PhD
    Special Articles
    53 Curriculum Recommendations of the AACP-PSSC Task Force on Caring for the Underserved
    Ann Zweber, BPharm, Victoria F. Roche, PhD, Mitra Assemi, PharmD, John M. Conry, PharmD, Laura Shane-McWhorter PharmD, and Todd D. Sorensen, PharmD
    54 Get Thee Right: Lessons from Romeo's Apothecary
    J. Russell Teagarden
    62 Establishment of a Multi-State Experiential Pharmacy Program Consortium
    Lori J. Duke, PharmD, Whitney L. Unterwagner, PharmD, and Debbie C. Byrd, PharmD
    69 Your Role and Responsibilities in the Manuscript Peer Review Process
    Gayle A. Brazeau, PhD, Joseph T. DiPiro, PharmD, Jack E. Fincham, PhD, Bradley A. Boucher, PharmD, and Timothy S. Tracy, PhD
    70 AACP Portfolio of Products and Services Supporting Experiential Education
    George E. MacKinnon III, PhD
    Research Articles
    47 Problem-based Learning Using the Online Medicare Part D Plan Finder Tool
    Timothy W. Cutler, PharmD, Marilyn R. Stebbins, PharmD, Eric Lai, MPH,P, Amanda R. Smith, MPH, and Helene Levens Lipton, PhD
    48 Use of Reflection-in-Action and Self-Assessment to Promote Critical Thinking Among Pharmacy Students
    Zubin Austin, PhD, Paul AM Gregory, MLS, and Stephanie Chiu
    49 Variables Impacting an Academic Pharmacy Career Choice
    Elizabeth A. Sheaffer, MBA, PhD, Bonnie K. Brown, PharmD, Debbie C. Byrd, PharmD, Gireesh V. Gupchup, PhD, Scott M. Mark, MS, MEd, PharmD, Miriam A. Mobley Smith, PharmD,and Raylene M. Rospond, PharmD
    50 Third-Year Pharmacy Students’ Work Experience and Attitudes and Perceptions of the Pharmacy Profession
    Mark V. Siracuse, PharmD, PhD, Stephen W. Schondelmeyer, PharmD, PhD, Ronald S. Hadsall, PhD, and Jon C. Schommer, PhD
    51 Pharmacoeconomic Education in US Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy: An Update
    Millidhashni Reddy, MPharm, Karen Rascati, PhD, Joy Wahawisan, Pharm D, and Michelle Rascati
    52 Academic Pharmacy Administrators' Perceptions of Core Requirements for Entry Into Professional Pharmacy Programs
    Kimberly Broedel-Zaugg, PhD, Shauna M. Buring, PharmD, Nathan Shankar, PhD, Robert Soltis, PhD, Mary K. Stamatakis, PharmD, Kathy Zaiken, PharmD, and J. Chris Bradberry, PharmD
    58 Multiple Rubric-based Assessments of Student Case Presentations
    Catherine E. O’Brien, PharmD, Amy M. Franks, PharmD, and Cindy D. Stowe, PharmD
    59 Conceptual Development of a Measure to Assess Pharmacists’ Knowledge of Herbal and Dietary Supplements
    Hsiang-Wen Lin, MS, A. Simon Pickard, PhD, Gail B. Mahady, PhD, and Nicholas G. Popovich, PhD
    68 Impact of the Career Explorers Program on High School Students’ Perceptions of the Pharmacy Profession
    Sarah M. Langridge, PharmD, Sheri L. Stensland, PharmD, Terri L. Warholak, PhD, and Lisa Mattingly, PharmD
    Instructional Design and Assessment
    60 Assessment of Manual Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurement Skills of Pharmacy Students: A Follow-Up Investigation
    Katherine E. Elliott, PharmD, Kenneth L. McCall, PharmD, David S. Fike, PhD, Jill Polk, PharmD, and Cynthia Raehl, PharmD
    65 Development and Evaluation of a Required Patient Safety Course
    Sana R. Sukkari, B. Sc. Pharm., M. Phil, Larry D. Sasich, PharmD, MPH, Donald A. Tuttle, PharmD, Asim M. Abu-Baker, PharmD, and Hannah Howell, PharmD
    66 A Clinical Nutrition Course to Improve Pharmacy Students’ Skills and Confidence in Counseling Patients
    Linda Chang, PharmD, MPH, Nicholas G. Popovich, PhD, Cherdsak Iramaneerat, MD, Everett V. Smith Jr, PhD, and M. Nawal Lutfiyya, PhD
    67 A Tool to Teach Communication Skills to Pharmacy Students
    Sanah Hasan, PharmD
    71 Letters, Vol 72, Iss 3
    Syed Imran Ahmed,BPharm, MPharm, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali, BPharm, MPharm, PhD; Naushad M. Khan Ghilzai, PhD
    Book Reviews
    63 Book Reviews, Vol 72, Iss 3
    Book Reviewers: CoraLynn B. Trewet, PharmD, MS; Albert I. Wertheimer, PhD
    64 Books Received
    Books recently received (through May 2008)
    Meeting Abstracts
    72 109th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Chicago, Illinois, July 20-23, 2008
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