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    Volume 71, Issue 06

    114 Sharing Our Wealth
    Lucinda L. Maine, PhD
    115 Research Requirement for PharmD Students
    Frank J. Ascione, PhD, PharmD, MPH
    116 Recruiting Faculty: Dovetailing Pharmaceutical and Clinical Scientists Into Our Colleges and Schools
    Gayle A. Brazeau, PhD
    106 Leadership in a Changing World
    Marilyn K. Speedie, PhD
    107 Responding to the Academy’s Needs
    Cynthia L. Raehl, PharmD
    108 Growing Gracefully
    Lucinda L. Maine, PhD
    Special Articles
    117 Implementing Pharmacy Informatics in College Curricula: The AACP Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning Special Interest Group
    Ross E. Vanderbush, PharmD, H. Glenn Anderson, Jr, PharmD, William K. Fant, PharmD, et al
    Research Articles
    109 Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer Program for Tobacco Cessation
    Robin L. Corelli, PharmD, Christine M. Fenlon, BFA, Lisa A. Kroon, PharmD, Alexander V. Prokhorov, MD, PhD, and Karen Suchanek Hudmon, DrPH, MS
    110 Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer Program for Cultural Competence
    Mitra Assemi, PharmD, Sunita Mutha, MD, and Karen Suchanek Hudmon, DrPH, MS
    111 Pharmacy Students’ Reading Ability and the Readability of Required Reading Materials
    Stephen Fuller, PharmD, Cheryl Horlen, PharmD, Robert Cisneros, PhD, and Tonja Merz, PharmD
    112 The Effectiveness of Commitment to Change Statements on Improving Practice Behaviors Following Continuing Pharmacy Education
    Nancy Fjortoft, PhD
    113 Research-related Coursework and Research Experiences in Doctor of Pharmacy Programs
    John E. Murphy, PharmD, Marion K. Slack, PhD, Kevin P. Boesen, PharmD, and Duane M. Kirking, PharmD, PhD
    120 Pharmacy Students’ Approaches to Learning in an Australian University
    Lorraine Smith, PhD, Bandana Saini, PhD, Ines Krass, PhD, Timothy Chen, PhD, Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, PhD, and Erica Sainsbury, MSc
    121 Validation of a Formula for Assigning Continuing Education Credit to Printed Home Study Courses
    James E. De Muth, PhD, and Alan L. Hanson, PhD
    Teachers Topics
    122 Improving Pharmacy Students’ Understanding and Long-term Retention of Acid-Base Chemistry
    Victoria F. Roche, PhD
    123 Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutic Relevance of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
    Naser Z. Alsharif, PharmD, PhD
    124 An Interdisciplinary Oral History Initiative
    James Culhane, PhD, and Andrea Breemer Frantz, PhD
    Instructional Design and Assessment
    118 Perception of Pharmacy Students in Malaysia on the Use of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to Evaluate Competence
    Ahmed Awaisu, MPharm (Clin Pharm), Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed, PharmD, Hand Qais Ahmad Mohammad Al-Efan, MPharm (Clin Pharm)
    119 A Diabetes Camp as the Service-Learning Capstone Experience in a Diabetes Concentration
    June Felice Johnson, PharmD
    128 An Automated Competency-based Student Performance Assessment
    L. Douglas Ried, PhD, Ruth Nemire, PhD, PharmD, Randell Doty, PharmD, et al
    129 A Service-Learning Elective in Native American Culture, Health and Professional Practice
    Victoria F. Roche, PhD, Rhonda M. Jones, PharmD, Clint E. Hinman, PharmD, and Nathalie Seoldo, PharmD
    125 Pharm D in Developing Countries
    Shazia Jamshed, M Phil, Zaheer Ud Din Babar, PhD, and Imran Masood, MBA IT
    Book Reviews
    Books Received
    126 Book Reviews, Vol 71, Issue 6
    Timothy E. Welty, PharmD, Michael A. Veronin, PhD, Carriann Richey, PharmD, and Mitchell R. Emerson, PhD
    127 Books Received
    Books recently received
    AACP Reports
    S18 The Academy’s Agenda for Improving the Safety of Medication Use: Report of the 2006-2007 Argus Commission
    Milap C. Nahata (Chair), Diane E. Beck, JoLaine R. Draugalis, Arlene A. Flynn, Robert A. (Buzz) Kerr, and Barbara G. Wells
    S19 Getting to Solutions in Interprofessional Education: Report of the 2006-2007 Professional Affairs Committee
    Patricia Kroboth, Lynn M. Crismon, Charles Daniels, et al
    S20 Final Report of the Council of Deans, July 16, 2007
    Patricia A. Chase, Chair
    S21 Report of the 2006-2007 Academic Sections Coordinating Committee
    Virginia (Ginger) G. Scott, Chair
    S22 2007 Report of the Board of Directors to the AACP House of Delegates: Discover, Learn, Care. . .Improve Health
    Marilyn K. Speedie, President
    S23 Roster of Voting Delegates, 2007 AACP Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida
    AACP Minutes
    S16 Minutes of the House of Delegates Sessions, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, July 15-18, 2007
    Cynthia L. Raehl, President-Elect
    S17 Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, July 12-13, 2007
    Marilyn K. Speedie, President
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         Joseph T. DiPiro, Pharm.D., South Carolina College of Pharmacy

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