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    Volume 71, Issue 02

    26 The Need to Invest in Community Pharmacy Practice
    Jack E. Fincham, PhD
    27 Rethinking Experiential Education (or Does Anyone Want a Pharmacy Student?)
    Patricia Chase, PhD
    23 A Project Management Approach to an ACPE Accreditation Self-study
    Angela Dominelli, PhD, Susan L. Iwanowicz, MLS, George R. Bailie, PharmD, PhD, David W. Clarke, PhD, and Patrick S. McGraw, BS
    34 Use of Reflective Portfolios in Health Sciences Education
    Cecilia M. Plaza, PharmD, PhD, JoLaine Reierson Draugalis, PhD, Marion K. Slack, PhD, Grant H. Skrepnek, PhD, and Karen Ann Sauer, PharmD, MSPH
    Special Articles
    31 Professionalism: A Determining Factor in Experiential Learning
    Cynthia J. Boyle, PharmD, Robert S. Beardsley, PhD, Jill A. Morgan, PharmD, and Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, PharmD
    35 Development of an Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment in a Pharmacy School
    Wendy Duncan-Hewitt, PhD, Paul Jungnickel, PhD, and R. Lee Evans, PharmD
    Research Articles
    20 Curriculum Mapping in Program Assessment and Evaluation
    Cecilia M. Plaza, PharmD, PhD, JoLaine Reierson Draugalis, PhD, Marion K. Slack, PhD, Grant H. Skrepnek, PhD, and Karen Ann Sauer, PharmD, MSPH
    24 Assessing Implementation of Cultural Competency Content in the Curricula of Colleges of Pharmacy in the United States and Canada
    Esther Moraa Onyoni, PharmD, and Timothy J. Ives, PharmD, MPH
    25 Preparing Students for Community Pharmacy Practice During a Drug Information Advanced Practice Experience
    Stacy A. Lauderdale, PharmD, Michael G. Kendrach, PharmD, and Maisha Kelly Freeman, PharmD
    28 Using the Humanities to Strengthen the Concept of Professionalism Among First-professional Year Pharmacy Students
    Gary W. Bumgarner, PhD, Alan R. Spies, JD, C. Scott Asbill, PhD, and Valerie T. Prince, PharmD
    33 Providing Formative Feedback From a Summative Computer-aided Assessment
    David J. A. Lewis, and Robert D. E. Sewell
    Innovations In Teaching
    29 Community-Based Collaboration with High School Theater Students as Standardized Patients
    Karen K. Schultz, PhD, MBA, and Alla Marks, PharmD, MBA
    30 Integrating Virtual Patients Into a Self-Care Course
    Katherine Kelly Orr, PharmD
    Instructional Design and Assessment
    21 Students Perceptions of the Incorporation of Games into Classroom Instruction for Basic and Clinical Pharmacokinetics
    Adam M. Persky, PhD, Jennifer Stegall-Zanation, PharmD, and Robert E. Dupuis, PharmD
    22 Pharmacy Student Focus Groups for Formative Evaluation of the Learning Environment
    Victoria Mundy Bhavsar, PhD, Eleanora Bird, MS, and Heidi M. Anderson, PhD
    32 A Model for Supporting and Training Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist PhD Students
    Michael A. Tortorici, PharmD, Susan J. Skledar, MPH, Michael A. Zemaitis, PhD,Robert J. Weber, MS, Randall B. Smith, PhD, Patricia D. Kroboth, PhD
    36 A Communication Course for a Linguistically Diverse Student Population
    Christine Parkhurst, MA
    ACPE Report
    37 Annual Report of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
    Peter H. Vlasses, PharmD, Jeffrey W. Wadelin, PhD, and Dimitra V. Travlos, PharmD
    38 Letters, Vol 71, Issue 2
    Naushad M. Khan Ghilzai, PhD and Arjun P. Dutta, PhD; David W. Newton, PhD
    Book Reviews
    39 Book Reviews, Vol 71, Issue 2
    Reviews by Susan M. McGuinness, PhD, MLS, and Edward E. Soltis, PhD
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