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    AJPE Supplement Issues

    2010 - Volume 74

    AACP Reports


    Report of the Journal Editor
    Joseph T. DiPiro, PharmD


    The Pharmacy Student Population: Applications Received 2008-09, Degrees Conferred 2008-09, Fall 2009 Enrollments
    Danielle A. Taylor, MPP, and Jennifer M. Patton, MLIS


    2010 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Report


    Call to Action: Expansion of Pharmacy Primary Care Services in a Reformed Health System
    JoLaine R. Draugalis (Chair), Diane E. Beck, Cynthia L. Raehl, Marilyn K. Speedie, Victor A. Yanchick, Lucinda L. Maine


    Report of the 2009-2010 Professional Affairs Committee: Pharmacist Integration in Primary Care and the Role of Academic Pharmacy
    Seena L. Haines (Chair), Renee M. DeHart, Karl M. Hess, Macary Weck Marciniak, Jeanine K. Mount, Beth Bryles Phillips, Joseph J. Saseen, Arlene A. Flynn, S. Whitney Zatzkin


    An Environmental Scan on the Status of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills in Colleges/ Schools of Pharmacy: Report of the 2009-2010 Academic Affairs Standing Committee
    Gary M. Oderda, PharmD, MPH, Robin M. Zavod, PhD, Jean T. Carter, PharmD, PhD, Johnnie L. Early, PhD, Pamela U. Joyner, EdD, Harold Kirschenbaum, MS, PharmD, Eric J. Mack, PhD, Andrew P. Traynor, PharmD, Cecilia M. Plaza, PharmD, PhD


    Pharmacists' Contributions to Primary Care in the United States Collaborating to Address Unmet Patient Care Needs: The Emerging Role for Pharmacists to Address the Shortage of Primary Care Providers
    Patti Gasdek Manolakis, PharmD, Jann B. Skelton, RPh, MBA


    Going Global: The Report of the 2009-2010 Research and Graduate Affairs Committee
    Kenneth L. Audus (Chair), J. Edward Moreton, Sven A. Normann, Charles D. Sands III, Hazel H. Seaba, Michael Z. Wincor, Rosalie Sagraves, Kenneth W. Miller


    Report of the AACP Special Committee on Substance Abuse and Pharmacy Education
    Paul W. Jungnickel (Chair), Edward M. DeSimone, Julie C. Kissack, Lisa A. Lawson, Matthew M. Murawski, Brandon J. Patterson, Raylene M. Rospond, David M. Scott, Jennifer Athay


    Report of the 2009-2010 Standing Committee on Advocacy
    Nancy DeGuire, Nancy Fjortoft, Wendy Duncan, Renee Coffman, Elizabeth Young, J. Chris Bradberry, William G. Lang


    Report of the AACP Finance Committee, June 15, 2010


    Independent Auditor's Report
    Daniel J. Cassidy, MBA


    Roster of Voting Delegates, 2010 AACP Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA


    Final Report of the 2009-2010 Bylaws and Policy Development Committee

    AACP Minutes


    Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, November 4-5, 2009, Alexandria, VA


    Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, February 5-6, 2010, Crystal City, Virginia


    Minutes of the 2010 Council of Faculties Business Meeting, February 8, 2010, Arlington, VA


    Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, March 27, 2010, Baltimore, Maryland


    Minutes of the 2010 Council of Faculties Business Meeting, July 12, 2010, Seattle, Washington


    Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, July 8-9, 2010, Seattle, WA


    Minutes of the House of Delegates Sessions, July 11 – 14, 2010 Seattle, Washington


    Minutes of the Council of Deans Business Meeting, July 13, 2010, Seattle, WA

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    Theme Issues
    AACP Curricular Change Summit Supplement

    Interprofessional Education

    International Pharmacy Education

    Evaluation, Assessment, and Outcomes

    Nonprescription Medications and Self-Care

    Community Pharmacy

    Service Learning