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Establishing a Combined Drug Information Residency in Industry and Academia (Galley)

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Susan E. Malecha, Amy J. Cha, Robert J. Holt, and Mary Lynn Moody


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 64, No. 2 (2000)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


A specialty residency in drug information which combines the experiences attained in academia with that of industry provides a well-rounded and diverse learning venture for a resident. To expand the educational opportunities available for pharmacy students, a joint drug information residency program combining an industry setting, Pharmacia, with a university setting, University of Illinois Drug Information Center, was initiated. The development, goals and objectives, process of implementation and benefits of this integrated residency are discussed. A primary goal for this combined residency is to mentor a resident to achieve professional autonomy and confidence to work in a dynamic environment within a drug information center. Upon completion of this program, a resident would have mastered the skills necessary to independently and competently perform in any drug information setting.

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