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Use of Standardized Patients as an Assessment Tool at the End of an Ambulatory Care Rotation (Galley)

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Ronnie A. Weathermon, Sara Erbele, and Marifran Mattson


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 64, No. 2 (2000)
DOI: aj640201.pdf




American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Traditional methods of measuring student performance do not adequately measure all the skills that are developed during PharmD clerkship rotations. Standardized Patients (SPs) are now being utilized as a tool to broaden methods of instruction and assessment of students. This paper describes the use of SPs to evaluate the clinical competence of PharmD students at the end of an ambulatory care clerkship. Students were evaluated based upon their communication skills, therapeutic judgment, and knowledge of technical tasks. Students were given a follow-up survey to assess their comfort with the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). This evaluation technique was beneficial to both students and preceptors by providing a method of assessing communication abilities in addition to therapeutic knowledge. Future studies are needed to directly compare this method of evaluation with the traditional "End-of-Block" exam.

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