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Lessons Gained from Distance Delivery of an Applied Pharmacokineetics Course (Galley)

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Katy H.P. Moore, Kim L.R. Brouwer and Pamela U. Joyner


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 61, No. 3 (1997)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Applied Pharmacokinetics was delivered to 54 University of North Carolina external doctor of pharmacy students during the Spring semester of 1996 using a combination of printed material, videotapes, and interactive videoconferences. Live interaction was available via videoconference, during faculty visits to regional sites, and by toll-free telephone conversations. This paper describes the course design, course materials, methods of communication, and lessons learned during the Spring of 1996. Feedback regarding the course was obtained via a questionnaire administered to students at the completion of the course. Eightyone percent of the students reported that videotapes were an effective method for delivery of pharmacokinetic course material. One-hundred percent of responders thought the course-pack was a helpful supplement. Seventy-five percent of the responders wanted more interactive videoconferences. Development and delivery of an effective course for distance learners is an educational challenge that requires careful planning and a team effort.

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