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An Educational Design to Teach Drug Information Across the Curriculum (Galley)

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Mary Lea Gora-Harper and Barbara F. Brandt


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 61, No. 3 (1997)
DOI: aj6103296.pdf




American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


This paper describes the design and experience with a new integrated model for teaching drug information across the curriculum. There are three primary components of the system including: (i) teaching and reinforcing drug information knowledge and skills in an integrated manner consistently throught the curriculum; (ii) outlining practice-based outcomes for drug information thrpoughout the curriclum; and (iii) impressing upon students that drug information skills are a vital part of routine pharmacy practice. The new model has been generally well accepted by faculty and students. Preliminary feedback from the faculty suggests that first professional year students are better able to integrate information from several sources, such as patient paremeters and literature evidence and search for information independent of a scheduled assignment, some barriers that need to be overcome with implementation have also been described, this model will be used for integrating other content areas in the curriculum.

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