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Chair Report for the Academic Affairs Committee (Galley)

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Victoria F. Roche


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 60, No. 4 Supplement (1996)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


According to the Bylaws of the AACP. the Academic Affairs Committee shall consider the intellectual, social, and personal aspects of pharmaceutical education. It is expected to identify practices, procedures, and guidelines which will aid faculties in developing students to their maximum potential. It will also be concerned with curriculum analysis, development, and evaluation beginning with the preprofessional level and extending through professional and graduate education. The Committee shall seek to identify issues and problems affecting the administrative and financial aspects of member institutions. The Academic Affairs Committee shall extend its attention beyond intra-institutional matters of colleges of pharmacy to include interdisciplinary concerns with the communities of higher education and especially with those elements concerned with health education. The 1995-96 Academic Affairs Committee was specifically charged to explore and develop strategies by which AACP and the academy can: • attract and develop future faculty; • capture and incorporate the thoughts and opinions of professional, graduate, and postgraduate students about their education and training programs; and • evaluate the pros and cons of an AACP student unit (e.g., Council, special interest group) within AACP, and consider such a unit’s mission, purpose, structure, and financing. President Mary Anne Koda-Kimble encouraged the Committee to approach its charges from the point of view of the student.

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