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A New Structure for AACP. Report of the 1994-95 Argus Commission (Galley)

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Leslie Z. Benet, John A Biles, William A. Miller, Richard A. Ohvall and Nicholas G. Popovich


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 59, No. 4 Supplement (1995)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


The Argus Commission is comprised of the most recent five A ACP past presidents. Originally, the Commission selected its own topics for discussion. However, more recently the incoming AACP president has requested Argus to examine issues of strategic interest and value to the Association. This year (1994/95), AACP President David A. Knapp requested the Commission to examine the Associationís structure in the light of the major changes that are affecting the health care system and pharmaceutical education and the Associationís recent efforts to revise its strategic plan. The Commission is sensitive to the issue that revising the organizationís structure should follow, rather than precede, its strategic planning effort; the Commission hopes that its discussions of AACPís existing structure may assist the members, delegates, and Board of Directors in their strategic planning. Moreover, the Commission is offering no recommendations at this time related to the Associationís structure. We are offering a number of observations and suggestions on which we will be asking for comment during the 1995 AACP Annual Meeting. As a result, the 1995-96 Commission will be in a position to make specific recommendations about AACPís structure after the House of Delegates has discussed and approved an updated strategic plan for the Association.

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