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Chair Report of the Council of Deans (Galley)

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Charles O. Rutledge


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 58, No. 4 Supplement (1994)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


The Council of Deans has been very active this year with thirty members participating as officers or committee members. A list of those participating in this year’s committees appears at the end of this report. Most of the work of the Council was done by committees with specific charges. The Resource Sharing Committee is a joint committee with the Council of Faculties. The committee was formed last year by Alan Rosenbluth and was charged with conducting a needs assessment for resource sharing taking into account the changes in pharmaceutical education adopted by the Association and described in Background Paper II of the AACP Commission to Implement Change in Pharmaceutical Education. The final report was presented to the Council at the Interim Meeting in Hilton Head, South Carolina in February. The Committee identified resources desired by faculties and the availability of these resources from various schools and colleges. The resources requested include resources to teach the following: Clinical Research & Design, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Drug Manufacturing via Biotechnology, Drug Use Review, Ethics, Immunology, Innovative Drug Delivery Systems, Pharmacogenetics, Pathophysiology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Preceptor Training, and Problem-Solving Skills. The recommendation is for AACP to develop a strategy for the development of these courses. This recommendation will be referred to the Board of Directors for further action.

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