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Chair Report for the Academic Affairs Committee (Galley)

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Robert L. Day


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 58, No. 4 Supplement (1994)
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


According to the Bylaws of the AACP, the Academic Affairs Committee shall consider any matter relating to the conduct of pharmaceutical education to be within its purview, including but not limited to curriculum, resources, faculty, and students. The committee also considers matters extending beyond pharmaceutical education to higher education, especially those elements concerned with health professions education. It is the committee’s responsibility to bring to the Association’s attention for information or action those issues it identifies as timely and important. In presenting the 1993-94 committee with its charge. President Leslie Z. Benet observed that pharmaceutical education and practice have undergone a paradigm shift from which pharmaceutical care has emerged as the central concept of pharmacy practice. In noting that academe must react “rapidly and creatively,” he referred the committee to four documents (his presidential address( 1), the works of the AACP Commission to Implement Change in Pharmaceutical Education(2-5), the 1993 report of The Pew Health Professions Commission(6), and the Association’s strategic plan), and asked that they be considered for their implications to the future of pharmaceutical education and AACP. As an additional charge, the committee was encouraged to consider strategies and tactics to assist the Association in achieving its mission.

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