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Standards and Guidelines for Pharmacy Practice Experience Programs (Galley)

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Keith D. Campagna, Larry E. Boh, Diane E. Beck, Todd A.-Brown, Stephen M. Caiola, Sandra J. Johnson, Paul W. Jungnickel, Nancy E. Kawahara, Nina C. Morris and Cynthia A. Tostenson


American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Vol. 58, No. 4 Supplement (1994)
DOI: aj5804S35.pdf




American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Although “learning by doing” has been a component of a pharmacist’s training since the 1700s, experiential education has received great attention only in the last twenty years. Up until the early 1970s, experiential education was exclusively the domain of boards of pharmacy who recognized the need for practical training, which the schools had abandoned decades earlier. In addition to graduation from an accredited university, candidates for licensure were required to complete an internship to qualify for the board examination. While the internship provided a needed exposure to the practice of pharmacy, it was constrained by the employee/ employer relationship, the limited range of experiences available in a given pharmacy, and the dependency on contact hours alone to imply acquisition of practice skills(1).

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